Argentina forecasts stronger 2013 grape season

December 31st, 2012

Argentina should expect 26% growth over 2012 output for grapes, the country’s National Wine Institute (INV) forecasted.

The positive forecast follows a year of hail damage in Junín, Santa Rosa, Maipú, Rivadavia, San Martín and San Rafael reported.

INV President Guillermo García explained that hail storms set production back only slightly, with greater damage in districts like San Carlos, Tupungato and Santa Rosa.

He attributed much of the forecasted growth to good germination, fruit set and favorable weather.

The intitial INV evaluation of the nation’s wine producing zones projects 28,331,169 quintals (2.8 million metric tons) of grapes overall for the 2013 season.

The Mendoza province anticipates 1.9 million MT or 29% growth. San Juan expects 749,560 MT at 24% growth.

Updated estimates will be released in February.


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