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Laura Saiegl



Canada, the fastest growing market for Argentina

Canada was the second destination for Argentine bottled wine in the total garnered during January -August 2012. Among the ten destinations, this is the only market that grew in both value and volume, by 5.8% and 1.7% respectively, compared with 2011. Moreover, the average price of these products is around USD 39.6 a case.

The leading brands

The 5 top brands of bottled wines exported to Canada in the first eight months of the year are: Fuzion, Trapiche Reserva, Graffigna Centenario, Catena and Astica.

It is worthy to highlight that Fuzion is still the number one brand although it has dropped in both value and volume by 16%, in comparison to the total of 2011, and its average price amounted to USD 24.8 per case.

For its part, Trapiche Reserva grew by 39.9% in value and 44.4% in volume, with an average price of USD 49.6 a case. Graffigna Centenario is the fastest growing brand in the analyzed period, with a rise of USD 1.4 million and 28.3 thousand cases. Lower down, Catena label is in fourth place with a 45% boost in value and volume. Lastly, Astica wine experienced a climb of USD 410.6 thousand in terms of turnover, with an average price of USD 22.3 per case.

The foremost export wineries

The main export wineries during the January-August period of 2012 were Peñaflor Group and La Agrícola, accounting for 38.5% of the overall exports to Canada. It is noteworthy that Peñaflor Group managed to go from the second place of the ranking in 2011, behind La Agrícola, to the top of it in 2012.

Bulk wine market

Canada is the third destination for wines in bulk. The total turnover of 2012 was USD 4.6 million and the average price was USD 0.71 per liter.