Estrategia de precios de los nuevos y más exitosos exportadores

La última década de exportación de vinos argentinos es muy rica para el análisis de estrategias gracias a la gran cantidad de empresas que se iniciaron en el negocio y la distinta performance que mostraron. A pesar de haber comenzado con facturaciones similares, diez años después los resultados fueron muy distintos.

 Javier Merino
En 2002 un total de 152 empresas desarrollaban el negocio de producir y exportar vinos al exterior; una década después, en 2012, este total había crecido a 468. La incorporación neta de casi 2,7 empresas por mes no debe sorprendernos, la cifra es similar a la que se registra en países que también fueron expansivos como Australia, Estados Unidos o Chile.



Malma Finca Malbec La Papay 2012 in Wines & Spirits’s Top 100 value wines

The NQN Patagonia winery scored 90 points with its wine Malma Finca La Papay Malbec 2012, which was included in the Top 100 Value Wines of the US magazine Wines & Spirits.

Malma Finca La Papay Malbec 2012 is a young, fruity wine, with structure and Patagonia personality, boasting a style that remains successful among consumers and opinion shapers.

Malbec, leader in the US consumers’ preferences

According to a study carried out by Napa Technology, the consumption of Malbec, as well as of Pinot Noir, Spanish varietals, and sparkling wines, is on the up. The great Spanish population also contributes to this fact. On the contrary, Chardonnay consumption is decreasing, as it was stated by 40% of 90 respondents, including people of the United States industry.

The downturn registered in the Chardonnay consumption is due to diners’ leaning towards other white varieties, such as Spanish Albariño and Argentine Torrontés.

As Napa Technology revealed, the great Spanish-speaking population and the rise in the consumption of Spanish food are two important factors that contribute to the growth observed in these grape varieties. However, Malbec is still the leader, according to 58.9% of the respondents.

Nonetheless, nowadays, sparkling wine consumption is rising. In the survey, 37% of respondents maintained that Brachetto, Cava and Prosecco remain growing. One of the reasons could be the improvement in the range of products. Simultaneously, Pinot Noir consumption is also going up.

Moreover, the study shows that whereas Millennials are driving trends in the wine business, Baby Boomers still represent the largest market for wine.

With a consolidated Malbec, the world celebrates its day-April 17

The area cultivated with Malbec was doubled in a decade. It is Argentina’s most exported grape variety and last year it accounted for 54% of the exports of varietal wines in value. In its day, winemakers pay tribute to it, spotlighting its special features.

Today,April 17 is the “Malbec World Day” and Argentina and the world are dressed up to celebrate it. This variety has managed to be recognized by both national and international consumers for its unique features that enable it to source excellent wines.

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Peter Demzak will speak to wine importers from Poland (6.16)  and Russia (6.17) attending VINEXPO about opportunities and  importing issues  from California, Argentina and Chile.