Malbec, leader in the US consumers’ preferences

According to a study carried out by Napa Technology, the consumption of Malbec, as well as of Pinot Noir, Spanish varietals, and sparkling wines, is on the up. The great Spanish population also contributes to this fact. On the contrary, Chardonnay consumption is decreasing, as it was stated by 40% of 90 respondents, including people of the United States industry.

The downturn registered in the Chardonnay consumption is due to diners’ leaning towards other white varieties, such as Spanish Albariño and Argentine Torrontés.

As Napa Technology revealed, the great Spanish-speaking population and the rise in the consumption of Spanish food are two important factors that contribute to the growth observed in these grape varieties. However, Malbec is still the leader, according to 58.9% of the respondents.

Nonetheless, nowadays, sparkling wine consumption is rising. In the survey, 37% of respondents maintained that Brachetto, Cava and Prosecco remain growing. One of the reasons could be the improvement in the range of products. Simultaneously, Pinot Noir consumption is also going up.

Moreover, the study shows that whereas Millennials are driving trends in the wine business, Baby Boomers still represent the largest market for wine.


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