Portillo Malbec 2011, de Bodegas Salentein, el Malbec argentino más premiado nacional e internacionalmente en el 2012

Portillo Malbec 2011 se alzó con el International Trophy de Decanter, máximo galardón que un vino puede tener en el concurso más importante de Europa: el Decanter World Wine Awards, organizado por DECANTER, la revista especializada en vino, más prestigiosa de Inglaterra.

Con este galardón que destaca a los mejores vinos en cada categoría, Portillo Malbec, completó, a la fecha, 4 distinciones sobresalientes


Peter Demzak i Polska Grupa Importerzy Wina – Park Hyatt Mendoza

Peter Demzak i Polska Grupa Importerzy Wina Sp. z o.o. recenzja wina z Patagonii i z regionu San Juan w tym tygodniu w hotelu Park Hyatt Mendoza. Kilka wina zostanie wybrany na eksport do Polski na początku 2014 roku.

Malbec, the mandatory wine in every US wine list

Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine, talked about the positioning of Argentine wines in the United States. Moreover, she stressed that Argentina should offer more than a cheap wine and Malbec to reach consumers successfully.

In relation to what Argentina offers American wine consumers unlike other countries, Canterbury spotlighted its value for money. “Argentine Malbec has taken the US by storm… We are Argentina’s largest export market. We like Malbec so much that it is now almost mandatory for every wine list to include at least one. Argentina does a terrific job of delivering plump and juicy Malbec at excellent prices.”  While this is a great benefit to the consumer, it may be a disservice to the producer. It is hard to convince the average consumer to trade up.