The origin of red grapes’ names -Malbec

They are always present when we talk about wine: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, etc. But, how did they get their names? Where are their names from? Are they scientific or mythological, modern or old words? Get to know below how the names of some of the well-known red grapes were originated.
The source of the grape varieties’ name is really controversial, and there is few documentary evidence of it. When carrying out a research, we can find one, two or three possible origins. This article includes those stories most supported and accepted about the origin of the name of some grapes.


The story says that a Hungarian nursery owner, whose surname was Malbek, was the first person to discover this grape and spread it out across France, and then Bordeaux. Later, the word Malbek was altered, replacing “k” by “c”, meaning in French “bad mouth”, referring to the disagreeable and bitter taste this grape displayed in that region.


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