The world’s 100 most successful Argentine wines in 2013

The MRT consulting agency provided the list of the brands showing the best exporting performance during the last year.
According to recent data from Wines of Argentina, entity in charge of promoting the national wine all over the world, the exports did not report their best figures throughout 2013.

Indeed, between January and October, exports of bottled and bulk wine and must amounted to 332 million liters, meaning an 18% drop, compared with the same period of previous year.

Moreover, this poor performance had repercussions on the total amount in value: during this period, exports garnered USD 919 million, registering a negative change of almost 6%.

In addition, the sparkling wine also experienced a bad performance. This product had been really dynamic in the previous periods, enjoying significant growth rates. From January to October, 3 million liters of this product were sent abroad, representing a 16% fall.

The Top 100

In this difficult context for the industry in general, there was a number of brands that managed to weather the storm and represented the big percentage of Argentine wine exports.


Casa Bianchi’s LEO Malbec Premium recommended by Wine Enthusiast

In its February issue, the influential American magazine spotlighted the special features of LEO Malbec Premium 2011 and recognized it with 90 points

Undoubtedly, Wine Enthusiast Magazine is an important window to the US market for New World’s wines. This Argentine wine, LEO Malbec Premium, made by Casa Bianchi with own grapes from San Rafael – Mendoza, managed to score 90 points in this American publication.

This Malbec is part of the wine line launched into the market in 2012 under the “LEO” brand. It is a line consisting of a Malbec and a Torrontés, an Extra Brut sparkler and a Premium Malbec.

LEO Malbec Premium is priced in Argentina at ARS 78

Montechez Edición Limitada Malbec 2011 among Tim Atkin’s “Best Value of U$S 20”

Tim Atkin, renowned wine critic who writes for prestigious publications in his country, rated Montechez Edición Limitada Malbec 2011 with 93 points, placing the winery among the 25 to take into account.

As a result of Tim Atkin’s “2014 Argentina Special Report” of USD20 wines, Montechez winery received excellent critics. The British journalist rated it as one of the 25 wineries to take into account. Besides, its wine, Montechez Edición Limitada Malbec 2011, scored 93 points. In his recent visit to the Argentina, during November and December, Atkin took part in several tastings organized by Wines of Argentina, where he assessed over 500 wine.

Polska Grupa Importerzy Wina Sp. z oo będzie uczestniczyć ProWein 2014

Telekomunikacja Polska SA
5.2.2014 | Press Release

Jan Król, Prezes Grupy, i Peter Demzak, Dyrektor Generalny, Polska Grupa Importerzy Wina Sp. z oo będzie uczestniczyć ProWein 2014 – w Düsseldorfie w przyszłym miesiącu. Spotkają się z winnic z Argentyny w celu zwiększenia ich południowoamerykańskiej portfel Malbec win.

Will Argentina flood again the US market with Malbec?

Only two hours after the official exchange rate exceeded ARS 8, this title, but in the affirmative, appeared in one of the US leading wine information websites. It is a really interconnected world!
Argentina did not flood the market in the past time and it has no chances to do it now, from my point of view. It is true that Argentina has lost an export market of 2 million cases per year since 2011, within the segment below Premium (under USD 26 a case), and more than 40% of which was Malbec, hitting the price of this grape and some of its supportive varieties like Bonarda. However, this did not mean a drought for the US market as it was not flooded. There is still a very interesting spot to compete if Argentine costs allow to do so.