The world’s 100 most successful Argentine wines in 2013

The MRT consulting agency provided the list of the brands showing the best exporting performance during the last year.
According to recent data from Wines of Argentina, entity in charge of promoting the national wine all over the world, the exports did not report their best figures throughout 2013.

Indeed, between January and October, exports of bottled and bulk wine and must amounted to 332 million liters, meaning an 18% drop, compared with the same period of previous year.

Moreover, this poor performance had repercussions on the total amount in value: during this period, exports garnered USD 919 million, registering a negative change of almost 6%.

In addition, the sparkling wine also experienced a bad performance. This product had been really dynamic in the previous periods, enjoying significant growth rates. From January to October, 3 million liters of this product were sent abroad, representing a 16% fall.

The Top 100

In this difficult context for the industry in general, there was a number of brands that managed to weather the storm and represented the big percentage of Argentine wine exports.


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