Malbec Bargains

In his e-zine “Winophilia”, wine critic and expert Stephen Tanzer spotlighted and wrote about the Argentine Malbecs he tasted at his last annual tasting of Argentine wines.

At the very high end, Argentina produces some stunningly rich, complex, soil-inflected Malbecs priced above the hundred-dollar mark. These are status items at home in Argentina and have also found an audience at Argentine steakhouses in the U.S., where they can hold their own against many far more expensive Napa Valley cult cabernets. However, Tanzer’s extensive annual tastings of Argentine wines over the last decade have made it clear that you can enjoy wines not far off this exalted level for a fraction of the price.

Last month, the wine critic published a “Screaming Values” piece on excellent Malbec bottlings retailing for USD16 or less. For just a few dollars more, you can enjoy wines that merited ratings of 90 points or higher in the current issue of the International Wine Cellar—in other words, outstanding bottles that you won’t have to reserve for special occasions. Lured by the huge but highly competitive American market, a handful of serious producers are making consistently superb Malbecs and working with their U.S. importers to keep retail prices for these items in the $20 range. According to Tanzer, these bargains would outclass many Argentine Malbecs in the USD 40 – 80 price range he tasted in his annual tasting.

See below some of the wines Tanzer considered ridiculously cheap for their quality.

BenMarco 2012 Malbec Mendoza (Dominio del Plata Winery)

Terrazas de los Andes 2011 Malbec Reserva Mendoza

La Posta 2012 Malbec Pizzella Family Vineyard Mendoza

TintoNegro 2013 Limestone Block Malbec Mendoza

Decero 2012 Malbec Remolinos Vineyard Agrelo Mendoza

Durigutti 2013 Malbec HD Clasico Mendoza


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