Baryshnikov promotes Mendoza’s wines

The spot, part of the campaign promoting Mendoza in the country and worldwide, shows Mendoza’s unique mountain and renowned artist Mikhail Baryshnikov with a glass of wine in his hand.

The actor and dancer visited the province last August 18, with a busy schedule. In the morning, he gave a talk for local artists at Independencia Theatre. From midday, the artist tasted wines and talked with well-known winemakers from Mendoza. This experience gave rise to the video.

According to Tourism Minister, Javier Espina, the video will be part of the campaign the province is already conducting worldwide. “It is targeted at the audience outside Mendoza. During 180 days, we have all image rights of Baryshnikov, so we will use it to make graphic campaigns in magazines and the Argentine TV spot we have already planned,” explained the minister.

This way, the image of the artist and Mendoza brand will appear together in magazines, TV programs and public spaces.


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