Malbec World Day 2016 “Celebrating A Classic”

In the sixth edition of Malbec World Day, created by Wines of Argentina, under the concept “Celebrating a classic” hundreds of events will be held in 70 cities across 54 countries with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for the first time there will be a Malbec Week from 4th to 10th April with activities in the City of Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

The festivities will include conceptual consumer events, wine fairs for press and trade, tastings and promotions in wine shops and restaurants, expert talks, open Wine Tasting, and a grand closing event in the City of Buenos Aires to launch Global Malbec World Day 2016, where we expect 3,000 people to attend. The celebrations will also take place in Mendoza, within the framework of “ASI World’s Best Sommelier Contest 2016.”



How will wineries celebrate the “Malbec World Day”?

On April 17, the world will celebrate the day of Argentina’s signature grape variety. Mendoza wineries will offer different alternatives to pay tribute to Malbec. Find out in this article all the activities you can enjoy in this special day.

Malbec World Day Will Be Held in Mendoza City

On April 17, the International Wine Capital will celebrate the day of Mendoza’s signature grape variety.
La Municipality of Mendoza City has the important mission of promoting the wine culture and the consumption of this national beverage. For this reason, it invites to participate in the different events that will be held all day long. Tourists and Mendocinians will have the possibility to appreciate Mendoza´s wine quality. “As the eighth wine capital in the world, we celebrate the Malbec World Day with a lot of cultural activities to have a big celebration”, pointed out Fayad, head of the city government