Morrisons targets millennials with launch of Asado Club in 250ml carry pack

Morrisons targets millennials with launch of Asado Club in 250ml carry pack


Asda Private Brand Malbec Wins Decanter World Wine Awards Best of Show

Walmart’s U.K. sibling Asda’s budget bottle of private brand wine La Moneda Reserva Malbec from Chile has been awarded the best in show title at this year’s Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA).

After blind taste tests of around 16,000 reds and whites from across the globe, a panel of 240 international wine experts judged Asda’s low-cost Malbec to be the ‘ultimate crowd pleaser’.


Argentinian wines continue to impress

Argentinian wines continue to impress
By Regina Murphy Jul 23, 2016

Rutini Trumpeter Malbec 2014

The Winery says: The Trumpeter Reserve Malbec displays intense red color with deep violet tones. On the nose, fruity aromas of cherries and plums are shown with a delicate mint note. The mouthfeel is subtle, fine and sweet tannins with a long and lasting finish.

The Critics say: “Good ripe black fruits in the nose like black currant and black cherry with a little bit of a spice component. In the mouth you have more nice black fruits, notably blackberry, with a touch of cocoa. This wine is not particularly long but is pleasant enough.” —

The Gazette says: Dark ruby color. Genteel nose with roses and stone fruits, some spice. Luxurious with plums and blackberries, cinnamon and faint nutmeg. Sweet, silky in the mouth, but the tannins give it some structure. Dark fruit flavor lingers, juicy.

Andrew Maidment: Increasing focus on premium Malbec

Malbec’s ever growing popularity is presenting Argentine producers with a dilemma as to whether to promote the country’s broader diversity of varieties and styles or focus in on its flagship grape

Malbec World Day 2016 “Celebrating A Classic”

In the sixth edition of Malbec World Day, created by Wines of Argentina, under the concept “Celebrating a classic” hundreds of events will be held in 70 cities across 54 countries with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for the first time there will be a Malbec Week from 4th to 10th April with activities in the City of Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

The festivities will include conceptual consumer events, wine fairs for press and trade, tastings and promotions in wine shops and restaurants, expert talks, open Wine Tasting, and a grand closing event in the City of Buenos Aires to launch Global Malbec World Day 2016, where we expect 3,000 people to attend. The celebrations will also take place in Mendoza, within the framework of “ASI World’s Best Sommelier Contest 2016.”


Let’s Talk Wine: The Black Beauty rises

Let’s Talk Wine: The Black Beauty rises

By JoAnn Actis-Grande
Feb. 18, 2016

Not that long ago, the Malbec grape traveled from France to wine-growing regions in Mendoza, Argentina, where they are producing and exporting the world’s leading Malbec as a single varietal, not a blend. One of the main reasons that Malbec thrives in Argentina is the high altitude vineyards and longer growing season, allowing grapes to ripen slowly and peak.
Many wine professionals refer to Malbec as “Argentina’s answer to Spain’s Rioja.” And we all know what happened to Rioja (just try to find an inexpensive one today). Most Malbecs are still reasonably priced, although you can find some that are quite pricey.
Malbec originates from the small town of Cahors, located in the Southwest region of France. Since the boom of Malbec from Mendoza, many wine producers in Cahors are bringing Malbec back. Malbec from Cahors is better known as the “black wine.” Centuries ago, Cahors was the only place Malbec was found. Malbec from Cahors is inky, full-bodied, and powerful — able to age for many years.
You will also find Malbec in Bordeaux, where the grape is used mostly as a blend. Malbec seems to be a good candidate for blending – especially with wines naturally high in tannins and/or acidity.
In California, producers believe that Malbec is a suitable ingredient for a truly authentic Meritage (an American term describing a red wine that is made from a blend of Bordeaux varietals – both red and white). There are also Malbecs made in other U.S. states as well as Chile, Uruguay, southern Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the Mediterranean countries.