How will wineries celebrate the “Malbec World Day”?

On April 17, the world will celebrate the day of Argentina’s signature grape variety. Mendoza wineries will offer different alternatives to pay tribute to Malbec. Find out in this article all the activities you can enjoy in this special day.


Dnia Malbec 17 Kwietnia “Malbec World Day April 17″

Telekomunikacja Polska SA 11.4.2014 | Press Release :
Członków z Polskiej Grupy Importerzy Wina pojedzie w Kwietniu do Buenos Aires i Mendoza z okazji Dnia Malbec 17 Kwietnia “Malbec World Day April 17“, powiedział Peter Demzak GM-PGIW

With a consolidated Malbec, the world celebrates its day-April 17

The area cultivated with Malbec was doubled in a decade. It is Argentina’s most exported grape variety and last year it accounted for 54% of the exports of varietal wines in value. In its day, winemakers pay tribute to it, spotlighting its special features.

Today,April 17 is the “Malbec World Day” and Argentina and the world are dressed up to celebrate it. This variety has managed to be recognized by both national and international consumers for its unique features that enable it to source excellent wines.